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Retired horses agisted at Glenshea Farm

Glenshea Equine Retirement
Expert retirement agistment for your horse

Agistment Rates and Details

Our standard agistment is in a 5-hectare shared paddock, with up to six horses. For many horses, this is an ideal arrangement, as it provides company and plenty of room to socialise and exercise.

Individual paddocks are also available. These are fenced as required and can range from 1/4 hectare to one hectare in size. They are most suitable for horses requiring extra attention such as hard feed or extra rugging.

They are also useful for the transition period where new horses, or those that are not well socialised, can become accustomed to their new surroundings and company.

Horses with temperament problems may have to be placed in individual paddocks for the safety of other animals. We also reserve the right to ask that your horse be removed from the property should we feel it is a danger to itself, other horses, or us.

In all cases, automatic watering is provided, regular hay feeds supplement pasture growth, and hard feed can also be provided if desired.

Basic feed for all horses is unrestricted grazing on paddock pasture and hay depending on the season and pasture quality.

Additional feed, in the form of Lucerne chaff, oaten chaff, pellets, or your own provided mix, can be fed out where required.

All paddocks are supplied with water from our several bores.

Agistment prices are in Australian dollars.

Basic — $5 per day
Includes good pasture and quality hay when required, shared paddock (usually about six horses)

Premium — $10 per day
Individual or shared paddock (about half a hectare) with good pasture, hay when required and hard feed, (special dietary needs can be catered for by negotiation)

Rugging service — $15 per week
Included in Basic and Premium is basic rugging. All horses can be rugged in Winter and Erica is happy to remove rugs for a while on those sunny winter days. If you require a more elaborate rugging regime involving multiple layers then the additional fee will apply.

Health checks

For the health of your horse and that of our other animals, all horses must undergo the following:

Veterinary and farrier visits

Apart from the mandatory checks noted above, Glenshea has a veterinarian and a farrier on call for any situations that may arise.

We will try to contact you in these cases to discuss your preferred course of action, but if the matter is urgent, such as an injury, we will proceed with whatever veterinary care we believe is required.

At the end

A sad but inevitable part of retirement agistment is the loss of the horse through age or developing infirmity. We can make all necessary arrangements in consultation with you.

two horses graze while on agistmentGlenshea farm owner Erica rugs a horsetwo horses by a wire fence in a paddocktwo horses on the skyline by trees and a fence